Christmas wags are commonly used to dress bulkheads, passages, balustrading and more.

Traditional Christmas Swags:

Made up in our workshops, the standard sizes are between 2,4m and 2,6m wide and are assembled based on our 30cm or 46cm garland and can be green or “funky” white. And there are literally hundreds of combinations of decorations and bow colours.

Garland & Swags Garland & Swags Garland & Swags
PRODUCT: Straight Swag
SPECIFICATIONS: Ideal use of straight swags in low ceiling areas. 2,6m long and 46cm deep
PRODUCT: Double Loop Swag
SPECIFICATIONS: The more common shape of double loop swag. Very striking and more unusual however in white garland.
PRODUCT: Single Loop Swag
SPECIFICATIONS: Unusual but still striking, the single loop swag with the bow at one end and a “tail” at the other. Note as well, the example of running garland .
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