Decor Accessories

To compliment the traditional Christmas décor, Northern Illumination & Décor stocks a wide range of decor accessories such as Santa and reindeer resin figures, gift boxes, banners and more!

Figurines, Gift Boxes and Aerial Décor

Santa Sleigh Santa Sleigh Santa on Swing Figurine
PRODUCT: Resin Santa’s Sleigh PRODUCT: Wood Santa’s Sleigh PRODUCT: Resin Santa on Swing
Santa with Bag Figurine Reindeer Figurine Reindeer Plush
PRODUCT: Resin Santa with Gift Bag PRODUCT: Resin Reindeer PRODUCT: Plush Reindeer
Giant Santa Hat Wreath with Ribbon and Lighting Illuminated Banner
PRODUCT: Santa’s Hat PRODUCT: Giant Wreath with Curtain Lights PRODUCT: Curtain Light Banner
Gift Boxes with Lighting Gift Boxes Illuminated (Lit) Gift Boxes
PRODUCT: Gift Boxes with Curtain Lights PRODUCT: Gift Boxes PRODUCT: Illuminated Gift Boxes
Click here    to view gallery of past Christmas decor and displays by NIAD.

If traditional is not your taste, go to our imported range for new, exclusive and dramatic light based alternatives.