Decor Accessories

To complement the traditional Christmas décor, Northern Illumination & Décor manufactures and stocks a wide range of decor accessories such as Santa and reindeer resin figures, gift boxes, banners and more.

Manufactured by NIAD

Santa Sleigh Reindeer Plush
PRODUCT: Wooded Santa’s Sleigh PRODUCT: Plush Reindeer
2.1m x 1m steel frame with wood surface. Made entirely in our steel and wood workshops. Upholstery in our sewing rooms. Soft reindeer toy 1m high with a steel skeleton. Manufactured in our sewing rooms.
Candy cane decorations Giant Santa Hat
PRODUCT: Candy Canes PRODUCT: Santa Hat
From 100mm to 1m 90cm High and made in our own sewing rooms. Can be made in virtually any material – you choose.

Imported Products

Santa Sleigh Santa on Swing Figurine Santa with Bag Figurine
PRODUCT: Resin Santa’s Sleigh PRODUCT: Resin Santa on Swing PRODUCT: Resin Santa with Gift Bag
Reindeer Figurine Wreath with Ribbon and Lighting Illuminated Banner
PRODUCT: Resin Reindeer PRODUCT: Giant Wreath with Curtain Lights PRODUCT: Curtain Light Banner
Gift Boxes with Lighting Gift Boxes Illuminated (Lit) Gift Boxes
PRODUCT: Gift Boxes with Curtain Lights PRODUCT: Gift Boxes PRODUCT: Illuminated Gift Boxes
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